October 18, 2018
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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question:   What size roll towel does this dispenser use?
Answer:   This is a universal roll towel dispenser. Any 7.5 to 8.5 inch wide towel will work. Some roll towels have notches and plastic inserts. These are NOT universal roll towels. Towels with notches and plastic inserts are known as Proprietary towels.
Question:   Can I use perforated roll towels in this dispenser?
Answer:   No, you cannot use perforated roll towels in this dispenser. Kitchen roll towels, household roll towels, center pull towels are all perforated and are designed to be used in a different dispenser. Only "hardwound" roll towels that are not perforated can be used.
Question:   What towels does The Paper Barn have in stock for this dispenser?
Answer:   Any of our 8 inch wide hard wound roll towels will fit this dispenser. 
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