October 17, 2018
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Laboratory Technical Services LLC

The founder of L.T.S. (Scott Messenger) is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and worked for Troxler North Carolina for several years as a Research Mechanical Engineer traveling the United States solving SGC issues and other testing issues.

All L.T.S. employees are highly trained professionals in the asphalt, concrete and aggregate testing industry. Our expertise within this industry is in the sales, training, engineering & research, SGC, calibration, troubleshooting, and service areas of the many different products listed throughout our web-site.

L.T.S. offers professional sales, service, training and calibration of quality control equipment for asphalt/concrete testing laboratories and geotechnical testing companies.

L.T.S. provides in house and field service from our Pensacola location at competitive prices.

L.T.S. will also help you in an emergency. If you need service immediately, we will be there for you. Day, Night, Weekends, or Holidays.

All L.T.S. calibration and testing equipment is certified to NIST standards.

L.T.S. offers full service and calibration for Troxler 3241-C, 3242, 3411, 3430, 3440, 3450, 3451, and 4640-B, CPN, and Humboldt MC5001b, MC5001c, MC5001ez Nuclear Density Gauge. For more Calibration services go to our Calibration Services page. Thank you.

Our goal with our vast knowledge and experience within the industry is to offer our customers a level of service that they are not accustomed too.