June 17, 2018
 About Us
Welcome to the Hollywood Jesus Books Store!  Created by David Bruce over a decade ago, HJ is dedicated to looking at "Pop Culture from a Spiritual Point of View."  As the website s title implies, that spiritual point of view is particularly Christian.

Still, don’t expect a "preaching to the choir" approach from Hollywood Jesus or these books.  Instead, they represent a point of view that’s more on the fringes of the Christian solar system, if you will, out on the boundaries where the "non-Christian" (even anti-Christian) conversations are taking place.  HJ doesn’t cater to the Christian worldview.  It introduces non-Christians to it, and in a way that’s also appealing to many Christians.

Hollywood Jesus Books is operated as separate business entity by editors Greg and Jenn Wright.  The main imprint handles books that either abridge HJ content for book publication or were inspired by event-movie coverage on the website.

HJ Books also has imprints for drama-related resources (Dramatic Insights Publishing) and specialty items (One-Off Books).  Those products are also found here, as well as the odd novel or two.

Booksellers and other retailers, please visit the main HJ Books site for further details on our products, including out-of-print titles.