September 20, 2018
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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question:   How do I fit myself for a bra?

For the band size, measure around the body, just under the arms, with a measuring tape. Remember to stand up straight and breathe normally. If the measurement is an uneven number, round up to the next even number.

To determine your cup size, you’ll need to take a bust measurement around the body at the fullest part of the bust. Make sure the measuring tape is straight or level all around your body and lies flat against your back. Subtract the band (first) measurement from the bust (second) measurement. The difference, as shown in the chart, will determine your cup size.

Keep in mind, this may be only a starting point. Trying on the garment, especially with the assistance of a certified bra fitter, will determine which size and style of bra is best for you in terms of fit and comfort.

Question:   Should I rent or buy a Breastpump?
Answer:   That depends on a few things: 1) How is your milk supply? 2) How often are you planning on pumping? 3) Is this your first child and are you planning on having more? If your milk supply is low you should rent, a rental pump is stronger than a purchase pump. If you are planning on using the pump and continuing to breastfeed, purchasing may be a good idea. If you are planning on having more children then purchasing may be for you. BEFORE making any big decisions you should talk to nurse or lactation consultant about your own situation. Call the Warm Line at (800) 711-7011.
Question:   What is the online return Policy

NO- Pump in Style May be Returned Once opened NO Refund is given for a pump Rental returned early.

NO- Clothing that has been washed or worn can be returned Must have all original tags intact

 Intimate garments such as Bras, panties, briefs, are not returnable for hygienic reasons.

NO Packages that have been opened can be returned.

All - Other Products must be returned within 30 days , if you paid with credit card you will receive a credit back on the same card All returns must be received within 30 days of original shipping date and must Be in original packaging Be in new condition for restocking Include original sales and credit card receipts or copies of each.

 No shipping charges will be refunded. No refunds will be given for returned items not meeting above guidelines. Return shipping costs will be the financial responsibility of purchaser.

Refunds for items returned will be applied to the credit card number used for the original Transaction.


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Question:   What Kind of pump do you rent?

We rent out the  Lactina® Select A double electric breastpump 

  • Built-in vacuum release protects moms against excessive or prolonged suction
  • Ideal for initiating and sustaining milk supply
  • Features automatic suck and release for ease of use and efficiency
  • Lightweight and portable for moms who work or travel
  • Battery and vehicle lighter power options for versatility
  • All Lactina kits are easily converted to a manual pump


    The Classic Breastpump

    Medela s Classic Electric Breastpump Suits a Variety of Pumping Needs

    The Classic Breastpump is our original pump and a favorite of hospitals,
     Ideal for long-term and frequent pumping needs,
    Classic is a multi-user breastpump available for rental.

    Double or single electric pumping for versatility

  • Question:   Choosing a Breastpump

    Hospital-Grade pumps: Recommended if mom is unable to nurse at all due to medical reasons. These pumps are designed to help build and maintain milk supply and are available on a rental basis ,

    Daily use double pumps: Recommended if mom is employed full-time or needs to pump every few hours.

    Occasional use single or double pumps: Recommended if mom needs to pump just once or twice per day, or a few times per week.


    Question:   What are the rates for a breast pump rental?

    Current breast pump rental rates:

    $60/month plus tax

    $30/week plus tax

    Question:   What are the Shipping rates?
     Nursing Moms,Etc.ships only within the United States. Please refer to the shipping chart below for detail.
    Shipping to a Different Address :

    You may place an order to be shipped to an address other than that of your billing address.
    Sales Tax on Shipping & Handling :

    Depending on the destination of the shipment, sales tax on shipping & handling may apply.
    Military & P.O. Box Addresses :

    Due to shipper restrictions, shipping is not available for APO/FPO and P.O Box addresses
    Shipping Options & Rates :

    See chart below for details on shipping options, rates, and shipping times. Standard delivery is available for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

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