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General Information:

1. Test must be completed within 3 years of purchasing the textbook (first textbook with CDS or CCA).
2. If an applicant registers to test and is unable to take it as scheduled, s/he must notify ProV 72 business hours or more prior to the date of the examination to re-schedule. Cancellations made less than 72 business hours in advance or no shows will require a re-test fee. A new registration form and the re-test fee must be submitted to the NEF office prior to re-scheduling of the missed test.
3. Each text has a unique registration number. The text registration number can only be used by one person.

Scheduling a Test
To schedule a test, please fill out and submit a test registration form to the NEF office. The NEF office will assign you a registration number within 72 business hours of receipt of your registration form and any applicable fees.

Once you have received your registration number, you can call ProV at (866) 720-7768 to schedule your test date or go online at http://www.2prove.com/ and select the CANDIDATE LOGIN link.

Three Options for ordering:

Course textbooks and Exam Registration
Course texbook alone
Exam Registration Alone (same cost as textbook and exam registration)

CBT -Construction Bookkeeping Technician
CDS- Part 1 Working Drawing (Construction Document Specialist)
CDS- Part II Estimating & Scheduling (Construction Document Specialist)
CIT - Construction Industry Technician
CCA -Certified Construction Associate Six Part Certification
        1. Business Analysis
        2. Construction Environs
        3. Construction Principles
        4. Effective Communications
        5. Labor Relations
        6. Management Techniques

Accessory Structure Project (ASP) Kit
Accessory Structure Project (ASP) Kit
$ 195.00

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