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UPS Power Supply Systems - UPS Power Backup

UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply) are electrical systems that provide emergency power to a load when the input power source, usually main power, fails to deliver. Unlike a standby generator or emergency power system, UPS systems will provide instant power flow from batteries for lower power consuming systems or units, and from generators and flywheels for larger systems and units which in turn consume more power. The runtime capacity for most UPS systems can range anywhere from five to fifteen minutes for a smaller UPS system up to multiple hours for a larger UPS system, allowing for the needs of the system users. In both cases, sufficient time exists to allow for an auxiliary power source to be brought online, and for the electronic equipment in question to be safely and properly shut down.

A UPS power supply is in most cases derived from a rechargeable battery source, providing emergency power for your computer system when the main power supply is cut. This will prevent data loss and ensure both a safe and proper shutdown of computers, with all files remaining intact and secure. UPS power backup systems protect not only computers but telecommunication equipment and data centers just as effectively. UPS power supply systems are designed for a large number of uses, both large and small, anywhere from protecting a single computer to much larger systems, including entire buildings, data centers and quite often even entire towns or cities.

UPS power backup systems have long been considered vital for any situation, weather induced or otherwise, which can interrupt the main power supply and therefore data flow and data/system integrity. For areas such as our location in south Florida, the need for UPS power backup systems is even more intensified, as year after year we are challenged with the possibility that the next tropical storm or hurricane will threaten both our main power supplies and therefore our electronic systems. But any situations that result in the compromising of the main power source, from the natural threats of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes to the many possible man made causes of power system failure, are reasons to protect yourself. Computers, data centers and telecommunication equipment should all be protected with UPS systems; there is no need to take unprotected risks when power supply interruptions are a nearly inevitable part of modern life.

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