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InstroTek Coredry

No ovens, no fans, just clever use of laws of nature.

CoreDry, another new innovation from InstroTek allows you to dry your construction samples in minutes. Place a field core, gyratory specimen or specimen of loose mixture in the innovative fully automatic  device and in minutes you have a completely dry specimen.

Because the CoreDry dries specimens at room temperature you will have most accurate and repeatable dry specimen weight for your calculation of density or for other tests requiring dry specimen weight.

Fast, Accurate, Innovative

In just minutes, the CoreDry can dry field or gyratory specimens saving time and increasing accuracy. Moisture loss in the specimen is based on high vacuum technology and innovative electronic desiccation technology. The CoreDry cycles a flow of ambient air and vacuum for highly efficient moisture removal process. The system also contains an electronic moisture trap to capture the moisture being removed from the specimen.


-Dries field cores in less than 15 minutes.

-Quick dry weight allows density determinations of field specimens in minutes not days or hours.

-Quick determination of density results allows the paving crew to make adjustments while paving, and not when the job is complete.

-Fully atomatic and portable device. Operator just loads the specimen and presses start to begin the process.

-Allows offset adjustments for your nuclear and nonnuclear gauges in minutes.

-Unlike using ovens, there is no loss of volitiles or damage to the specimen integrity. Specimens stay at room temperature through the drying process.

-Footprint 18" wide, 24" deep, 12" high

-You can also do aggregate with the aggregate fixture. Call now and save time, and money on your drying process.

  Part Number   Name
  41009001   Coredry 120V/60Hz w/Std Accs