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Medusa DVD

Medusa DVD
Country of origin
Year of production
Julie Brown and John Fortenberry
United States
52 min

A television parody of Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991, also called In Bed with Madonna), this features Julie Brown as 'Medusa', a blonde singer embarking on her global 'Blonde Leading the Blonde Tour'. Brown's Medusa is spoilt, petulant, self-pitying, vain and surrounded by a sycophantic entourage who successfully deflect her frequent tantrums by telling her how fabulous she and her performances are. This closely copies the style of the Madonna 'documentary', with extended hand-held black and white verité footage capturing the 'reality' of Medusa backstage, in rehearsal and in private, intercut with colour sequences of her live performances. The latter feature songs with titles like 'Everybody, Be Excited', 'Expose Yourself' and 'Vague', which target specific Madonna hits.

INCLUDES NEVER BEFORE SEEN SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted Scenes, Music Videos, Medusa's Home Movie, Behind the Scenes Footage, a Featurette, 2 TV Spots, and Photo Gallery Packaged with love by Julie and friends

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