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Moisture Density Gauge HS-5001C


Moisture Density Gauge HS-5001C.

HS-5001C compaction control gauge features storage capability of up to 320-field tests transferable to a computer or a printer via an infrared RS-232 data cable. The HS-5001C contains a totally enclosed and sealed automatic indexing mechanism that provides an accurate read-out of the measurement depth while keeping abrasive dirt and other debris out of the mechanism itself.

Other features include:

  • Six convenient. easily replaced AA size alkaline batteries, that last up to 2000 hours of operation. No expensive, special battery packs to buy from the manufacturer.
  • Data storage of up to 320 field tests.
  • Built-in test routines.
  • Trench wall moisture correction.
  • Nomograph method for thin lift asphalt measurements.
  • Five block calibration method-No short cuts.
  • Indexing mechanism is specially designed for positive, precise and repeatable source positioning.
  • Durable bronze bearings reduce source rod lateral movement.
  • Rugged, precise-machined base from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, unlike castings will never wrap from casting stress.
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM test methods D-2922, D-3017, D-2950, C-1040 and AASHTO T-238, T-239

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Product Literature;

  Part Number   Name
  HS-5001C   Density Gauge HS-5001C 
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