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""EZ"" The ease of Operation Gauge


HS-5001EZ Moisture Density Gauge.

"""Is The Easiest & Most Reliable Nuclear Density Gauge On The Market Today."""

Automatic, convenient and easier than ever, the HS-5001EZ is (easy) series gauge makes compaction testing faster and more accurate. The new HS-5001EZ features state-of-the-art electronics with built-in data aquisition and a real time clock. Other features include our new quick release indexing mechanism, an innovative trigger release handle, simple keypad, and a backlit liquid crystal display.

  • Menu driven, handles all functions with fewer key strokes.
  • Six AA alkaline batteries last up to 1400 hours of operation. No expensive, special battery packs to buy from the manufacturer.
  • 32k of backed up battery RAM for field test data storage.
  • Trench wall moisture correction.
  • Nomograph method for thin lift asphalt measurements.
  • Five block calibration method-No short cuts.
  • Totally contained and sealed automatic indexing.
  • Indexing mechanism is specially designed for positive, precise and repeatable source positioning.
  • Durable bronze bearings reduce source rod lateral movement.
  • Rugged, precision-machined base from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, umlike castings will not warp from casting stress.
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM test methods D-2922, D-2950, D-3017, C-1040 and AASHTO T-238, T239
  • Complies with year 2000 requirments.

The EZ gauge has several advantages over the competitors, first the EZ gauge is environmentally freindly gauge by using AA alkaline batteries. Some competitors use NiCad batteries which are an enviromental hazard due to the toxicity of cadmium which, while slightly less than lead, is more dangerous than lead since cadmium easily forms soluble compounds whereas lead is relatively inert.

Second, NiCad replacement packs from manufacturers of this type of equipment cost about $160.00 when the packs are no longer serviceable. This amount of money would purchase about forty sets of alkakline batteries for the EZ gauge and last a total of about 40 years.

Third, there is no waiting time involved in charging the EZ gauge and no chargers to be lost, damaged or purchased. A new set of alkaline batteries may be purchased in many retail stores and replaced in less than 5 minutes.

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