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Pavement Quality Indicator

Pavement Quality Indicator

The HM-598 Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI) produces fast, accurate and repeatable in-place density and temperature measurements of asphalt pavement. Instantaneous density and temperature readings help field personnel establish more effective roller patterns and ensure pavement densities are within targeted range. It quickly identifies tender zones and segregated areas, rapidly profiles densities in critical areas such as wheel paths, longitudinal joints, and unconfined edges, and evaluates pavement sections for coring. The PQI is particularly effective on projects that requiring rapid gathering of results for QC/QA analysis. The results are displayed within seconds. Up to 99 readings can be stored by station, location, date and time for later downloading to user’s PC or laptop.

The PQI uses low level, low frequency, electrical impedance technology and is completely non-nuclear. It utilizes an innovative toroidal electrical sensing field created within the asphalt pavement to monitor changes in electrical impedance. Measuring depth is about 1 to 4" (25 to 100mm). Pavement densities in selectable pounds per cubic foot or kilograms per cubic meter are shown on the 4-line, backlit display. Readings of percent air voids are also possible. Accurate density measurements are obtained without the need for expensive nuclear gauge training and certification. There is no need to be concerned about radiation safety monitoring or cumbersome regulations. Warm-up time is not necessary and test results are nearly instantaneous. Significantly lighter weight of the PQI makes prolonged use more convenient for field personnel.

The HM-598 PQI includes a 12-volt DC, 4.0 amp/hr NiMH battery. Recharge time for the battery is approximately 4 hours with included fast charger. Continuous operational time of the fully charged battery is 13 hours. HM-598 includes fast charge 120 Vac battery charger, 12VDC adapter and shipping case. HMA-691 PQI Test block confirms internal electrical calibration, repeatability and checks for instrument drift. The Test block also can perform a two point calibration with asphalt cores. Shipping Data for HM-598: 16 lb (7.3kg); 2.0 Cu. Ft.

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  HM-598   Pavement Quality Indicator