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SpeediCut Cut-Off Saw


Fast-Cut SLR Hand Saw

Runs Cleaner and Greener!

Standard Features:

  •  Light weight and balanced for less operator fatigue
  •  Best power-to-weight ratio in the industry
  •  Smooth start decompression valve reduces start up force by  70%
  • 12" or 14" blade capacity models
  •  5-stage filtration system
  •  Fully adjustable blade guard
  •  Water kit included with standard garden hose quick disconnect
  •  Powerful 73cc engine
Additional Benefits:
  • Optimized cooling from air flow and fuel compensato - reduces cylinder temperature
  • Reinforced hood fastening system keeps the air cleaner cover secure
  • Better engine tuning allows for minimal maintenance
  • Improved fuel consumption and increased cutting efficiency
  • Quick action blade guard adjustment and belt tensioning
  • Proven mass dampening system that greatly reduces vibration for operator comfort
  • Computerized ignition with digital timing control for easy starting, blade
  • RPM control and consistent power
  • Ignition coil with start support function for faster starting

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  FC7314   SpeediCut Cut-Off Saw 
  $ 1146.00
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