Peter Jackson in Perspective

Peter Jackson in Perspective Peter Jackson in Perspective
The Power Behind Cinema’s The Lord of the Rings:
A Look at Hollywood’s Take on Tolkien’s Epic Tale
Greg Wright

A Must-Read! -Xoanon,

This volume brings under one cover the dozens of essays and lectures that first began appearing at the website in December of 2001. Since then, Greg Wright has analyzed and anticipated the cinematic choices of director Peter Jackson with almost prophetic critical insight. He rightly attributes the success of Jackson’s trilogy to the power of film itself, the power of Jackson’s artistry and the original power of J. R. R. Tolkien’s literary masterwork. In so doing, Wright provides an educational, entertaining and respectful look at the process of bringing a much-loved novel to the screen.

With his first book, Tolkien in Perspective (VMI, 2003), Wright stepped forward as a
moderating and non-reactionary guide to the confusion of voices regarding The Lord of the Rings. In assembling a comprehensive and engaging discussion of Peter Jackson’s award-winning adaptation, Wright now moves to the front of the pack. Nowhere else in print is there to be found such an extensive examination of the spiritual and artistic implications of the 21st Century’s first cinematic masterwork.

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