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Smell The Glamour CD

Smell The Glamour CD Brand New Album!!!!

Track List:

1.  Sarah Palin Album Intro
2.  Big Clown Pants
3.  Another Drunk Chick
4.  Cause I'm A Blonde
5.  I'm A Mexican
6.  Those Latin Boys
7.  I Wanna Be Gay
8.  Angelina's Lips
9.  Medusa Intro
10.  Be Excited
11.  Vague 2011
12.  Sarah Palin Second Warning
13.  I Wanna Be Gay (Club Remix)
14.  Another Drunk Chick w/ DJ Dark Intensity
15.  Big Clown Pants w/ DJ Dark Intensity
16.  Sarah Palin Gay Farewell

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  jsj2010   Smell The Glamour CD 
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