Liebert Service Bypass Panel - 208v+ 3U :: POD3U

Liebert Service Bypass Panel  - 208v+ 3U :: POD3U POD 3U like the SBP5000RMT2U

Liebert Service Bypass Unit 208v 3UPOD [pod3u]


Works with any brand of UPS .

Plug POD into wall. Plug UPS into POD. Plug loads or PDU into POD. Very simple

Maintenance Bypass units allow you to service or change the UPS without shutting everything down.

Compare to APC's SBP5000RMT2U which retails for almost $400



  • Condition:Used
  • Category: Accessories -
  • Format:3U
  • Model/Make: Liebert POD
  • Dimensions:5.7 x 18.5 x 8.3"
  • Weight:8lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $379


Sales Information
  • Parts Included : Main unit with rack ears and plugs
  • Warranty: 90day warranty unit
  • Delivery: Ships FREE


SU032A SU032A


  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Used
  •   Part Number   Name
    List Price
      POD3U   Maintenance Bypass Switch 5kva 
      $ 479.00
      $ 79.00