NEW! Excelling @ Excel 2010 Manual

NEW! Excelling @ Excel 2010 Manual NEW! 2010 Version!  An extensive manual of 290+ pages of Microsoft's Excel application. Excelling @ Excel combines introductory, intermediate, and advance Excel material in one manual and is written based on the functionality of Excel.  The manual prepares you for certifications, many job titles and positions, and is written by a business manager that has used Excel since 1984. This manual and associated classes prepares you to be an Excel Expert.  Some of the topics and chapters are:

  • NEW! 2010 Features, such as creating your own Tab in the Riboon and the New File Tab
  • 5 Fs of Excel: Formatting, Fills, Formulas, Functions, and Filters/Sorts
  • Header/Footers, Page Set-up, Printing
  • Charts - Pie, Column, Bar and other Charts
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Building an Excel Financial Database
  • Analyzing data through Scenario Manager
  • Creating and developing multiple worksheets for a Budget and Expense tracking system with a summary worksheet and forecast worksheet
  • Developing Macros
  • Performing Calculations and actions through the Name Manager
  • Customizing Excel 2007 in many ways
  • Advanced Functions, such as VLOOKUP, IF THEN ELSE, Text to Columns, Date formulas and functions, DSUM, DAVERAGE, DCOUNT, and more.
  • AND Much, Much More
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