Lookout! It's Outlook! 2003/2007 Manual

Lookout! It's Outlook!  2003/2007 Manual An extensive manual of 225+ pages of Microsoft's Outlook application. Lookout! It's Outlook! combines introductory, intermediate, and advance Outlook material in one manual and is written based on the functionality of Outlook.  The manual prepares you for certifications, many job titles and positions, and is written by a business manager that has used Outlook since 1995. This manual and associated classes prepares you to be an Outlook Expert.  Some of the topics and chapters are:

  • Shortcuts and Tips and Tricks in managing tons of emails, contacts, and appointments
  • Using Outlook Today for one-stop-shopping in contact and time managment
  • Creating Folders and Sub Folders and information organization
  • Organizing all contacts, appointments, email, tasks through Categories and Color
  • Knowing important options for each Outlook item, such as email delivery, setting up signatures, calendar reminders, contact displays, and tasks
  • Using Outlook for mass mailing and establishing and tracking meetings
  • Editing and creating emails, calendar appointments, tasks, to-do items, notes, and contacts
  • Printing contacts, emails, calendars, and tasks in a variety of ways
  • Importing and exporting Outlook information to Excel, Word, Access, and other Outlook folders
  • Incorporating signatures on emails, attaching files, tracking email delivery/reading and reusing Outlook information with others
  • Customize Outlook so you can navigate to other computers, servers, web sites, documents, and other areas without ever leaving Outlook
  • Learn important contact and time management principles
  • AND Much, Much More
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