Excel @ Excel: Data Management and Manipulation

Excel @ Excel: Data Management and Manipulation Learn how to manage and manipulate data in Excel. This teaches you how to control data without data controlling  you.   You will learn how to download and create/edit databases and tables in Excel. You will accomplish multiple sorting and filtering using a variety of criteria. You will be able to format your table and databases in a professional manner. Plus, you will master the terrific Name Box and Name Manager feature of Excel.  We will learn how to separate data into different columns based on one column using the Text-to-Column Excel feature and how to bring columns together as one using the Concatenate functions. This course is intended for Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016 users. 

After this course, you'll be able to:
  • Sort data using multiple criteria,
  • Filter data to get to the information you need quickly and easily,
  • Download databases from other applications and servers,
  • Create your data table or database correctly,
  • Know important gotcha's with Excel databases and tables,
  • Format your table in professional and attractive ways,
  • Use the Name Box and Name Manager to efficiently navigate, print, select, and other functionality for your database and tables,
  • Employ Text to Columns to separate data from one column into multiple columns,
  • Insert the Concatenation function to combine column into one column for efficiency and sorting,
  • And Much More!
Prerequisite: Existing Excel user and comfortable with intermediate operation of Excel opening and saving files, input information, function and formula creation/editing, and basic formatting (bold, italic).

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