Omnimount 18U Telco Rack Cabinet [rk18o]

Omnimount 18U Telco Rack Cabinet [rk18o] Hubbell Telco Cabinet - 19U - Enclosed [HSQ3626]

NEW OmniMount Telco Cabinet - 18U - Enclosed [rk18o]


This new cabinet is a great SOHO rack and can hold switches and routers and a tower server and compact UPS

Includes 16" deep shelf, blanking plates, wheels, top fans.

This is in its original box, complete with manual and KEYS


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  • Condition:New Sealed
  • Brand: Omnimount
  • Format:18U
  • Spec Size: 38.9" x 23.6" x 23.6"
  • Depth:26" Deep
  • Access: 2 Doors
  • OmniMount Model Spec: RE18
  • List$ (new): $399



  • Color: Black
  • Condition: NEW
  •   Part Number   Name
    List Price
      rk18o   NEW... ideal for small office 
      $ 499.00
      $ 479.00