Excel @ Excel: The 5Fs Manual

Excel @ Excel: The 5Fs Manual Excelling @ Excel: The Five Fs - Format, Fills, Formulas, Functions, and Filters/Sorts. 

Formatting, Fills, Formulas, Functions, and Filters/Sorts are the 5Fs that lay a sound foundation in building Excel worksheets and working with existing workbooks.  We will learn formatting techniques, such as angled text, merging cells, and special formats for SSN, Employee ID, and other ways of formatting information.  You will save time and energy with knowing all of the power of using the AutoFill in Excel for formulas, functions, dates, numbers, and text; you will increase your productivity dramatically with Dr. Fill of Excel.  We will create formulas and functions the right way and learn the syntax of editing and creating formulas and functions in Excel.  Finally, we will explore how to use Excel as a database and how to manipulate data quickly and easily with filters and sorts.  This manual helps you Excel @ Excel as you master the important elements of Formatting, Fills, Formulas, Functions, and Filters/Sorts.  Here some of the learning objectives from the manual:

  • Create attractive and powerful worksheets through custom and special formatting for your data,
  • Enhance worksheets with text positioning, merging cells, and colors,
  • Build formulas and functions the correct way the first time,
  • Functions include SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and TODAY,
  • Understand different cell referencing and syntax for formulas and functions,
  • Know how to create an Excel data table correctly,
  • Manipulate data in an Excel database/table through filters and sorts.
  • Save time and energy with these 5Fs of Excel.

Prerequisite: Existing Excel user and comfortable with operations of Excel opening and saving files, input information, copy/cut/paste, and formatting (bold, italic).

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