Battery Pack for Tripplite 240v - 2U [bptl22]

Battery Pack for Tripplite 240v - 2U [bptl22] Extended Run Cabinet for Tripplite SmartOnline 2000va Series (for lg212) BP240V5RT2U

2U Extended Run Cabinet for Tripplite 240v DC Series [bptl22]

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Small 2U booster pack for Tripplite SmartOnline systems

This battery pack has no DC jack to connect more battery packs - and can only be used in a multiple battery installation as the final battery pack in the chain of connected battery packs.


  • Condition:Refurbished with new premium Powersonic batteries
  • Category:XLBattPak - Tripplite
  • Format:2U
  • Voltage:240v
  • Special Features: ~12" cable connection... ask for longer lengths


Sales Information
  • Parts Included :Main unit with all bezels, rack ears. (Rails & Tower feet may be available)
  • Limited Warranty: 15 months
  • Delivery: Truck freight / Free Pickup


  • Model/Make: Tripplite- BP240V5RT2U
  • Input Voltage:240volt
  • Output Plug :OmniPoint 3
  • Capacity - Battery:1200vah
  • Dimensions:3.5 x 17.5 x 20.75" (H x W x D)
  • Weight:91lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $784


Connections: Input - Output

Input plugs changed at no charge


  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  •   Part Number   Name
    List Price
      bptl22   booster pack for SmartOnline units 
      $ 784.00
      $ 499.00