8kva APC Symmetra PF - 208/230/240 Max16k -Rack

8kva APC Symmetra PF - 208/230/240 Max16k -Rack 8000va APC Symmetra PF -208/240v 15U Black SYP8K12RMT

8000va APC Symmetra PF -208/240v 15U Black [sypf8]

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Precursor to the LX Series. Still rackmountable and clean black bezels

STARTER SYSTEM - Two 4k power mods with 2 batteries and built in PDU ports

This 8kva rack system is hundreds cheaper than new LX series

Ask about adding on a transformer for 120v loads. (SYP8K12RMT-P1)



  • Condition:Refurbished with new premium Powersonic batteries
  • Family:PF-Powerframe
  • Voltage:208240v
  • Capacity - Power:8000va / 5600watts
  • Capacity:Max16k


Sales Information
  • Parts Included : Main frame with two power mods (SYPM4KU), two batts (SYBT3), manuals, AP9619 card and software
  • Limited Warranty: 15 months on unit and batteries
  • Delivery: Truck freight / Free Pickup


  • Model/Make: APC SYP8K12RMT
  • UPS Technology:Double Conversion - Online
  • Input Voltage:208240volt (see specs for ranges)
  • Output Voltage:208/240volt
  • Capacity - Battery:1680vah
  • Runtime:15mins (@ half load)
  • Dimensions:29 x 19 x 26.3" (W x H x L)
  • Weight:392lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $5850


Connections: Input - Output


  Part Number   Name
  sypf8   8kva APC Symmetra PF - 208/230/240 Max16k -Rack 
  $ 3750.00