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Aqua Check Moisture Tester 20g

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MA-26 Gilson Aqua-Check Moisture Tester w/1-1lb. can of Reagent

The same as a Speedy just a much better price.


Gilson Aqua-Check is an economical choice for rapid, accurate, and reliable moisture tests on sand, aggregates, ores, coal, soils, ceramics, abrasives, and other materials with particle size up to 20mm. Portable units are easy to use, meet all specified requirements and do not require a power supply. Samples can be quickly tested on-site, eliminating risk of moisture loss during transport.

A pre-weighed 20g sample is placed in the tester, along with a measured quantity of calcium carbide reagent. When the chamber is sealed and agitated for one to three minutes, free moisture in the test sample reacts with the reagent to produce acetylene gas. The integral pressure gauge registers 0-20% moisture by weight in 0.2% graduations. Moisture range can be doubled by halving sample weight. Accessories are included as noted, and are also available as replacements. The MAA-45, 0-20% Aqua-Check Replacement Pressure Gauge and other accessories are compatible with Speedy-brand Moisture Testers, MA-21A and MA-25.

The rugged, die-cast aluminum body (pressure chamber) is 14x5.5in (356x140mm), LxDia. and finished in a tough, wear-resistant coating. Kits include an electronic digital balance, two 1.25in (32mm) dia. steel balls for pulverizing samples, reagent measuring scoop, a 1lb (0.5kg) can of reagent, brush, and instructions in a heavy-duty, waterproof plastic case. For areas where shipping of calcium carbide is difficult, the Gilson Aqua-Check is available in a complete kit with no reagent as MA-26X. Est. Ship Wt.: 15lb (7kg).

Rugged, Die-Cast Aluminum Body (14" x 5.5")

Finished in a tough, wear-resistant coating

Electronic Digital Balance

Two (2) 1.25" dia. Steel Balls (for pulverizing samples)

Reagent Measuring Scoop



Heavy Duty Waterproof Plastic Case

Approx Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

Test Methods: AASHTO T217, ASTM D 4944

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  MA-26   Aqua Check Moisture Tester 
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