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1st LAAM Bn 1980 Tee Shirt

1st LAAM Bn 1980 Tee Shirt

1st LAAM Bn Tee Shirt with 1980's logo design.

Our shirts are built from 100% cotton for all-day comfort under the toughest conditions. The hearty six-ounce knit fabric has the heft of shirts that sell for twice the price. As a result these sturdy tees have a natural drape that complements any body style. The itchy neck tag was replaced with a printed label to help create a tee that will  become one of your favorite shirts. Quality is built into every detail of our tee shirt and it will retain its comfort long after other shirts have become rags.

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  1L80T   1st LAAM Bn T-Shirt 1980 
  US$ 22.00
  US$ 22.00

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