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Discipline Box

Discipline Box

1. The Box

Ten has barely gotten settled in and she's already given Aunt Veronica reason to reach for the box. Veronica finds a collection of spanking implements inside the floral box but puts them aside for the time being opting to deliver an embarrassing bare bottomed OTK hand spanking instead. After giving the girl a hot bottom, Veronica plucks a shiny penny from the discipline box and makes Ten hold it against the wall with her nose for corner time.

2. Red Handed

Veronica catches Ten red handed taking money from her purse. Aunt V will not tolerate a thief in her house and retrieves a long handled oak paddle from the discipline box. Ten is bent over and receives blow after punishing blow.

3. Hot Ride

Ten has asked to borrow Veronica's car for the night but Aunt V says no. Ten isn't satisfied with this answer and takes the car out anyway. Veronica is livid at the direct defiance and selects a heavy wooden hairbrush from the discipine box to make an impression on the stubborn brat.

4. Trashed

Ten has left the room she's staying in looking like an absolute disaster. When Veronica asks her to clean it up, she ignores her and continues chatting with her friend on the phone. Veronica grabs the disrespectful girl by the ear and drags her to the living room for a spanking session with the leather paddle before sending her back to her room to clean.

5. Frat Party

Ten is busy chatting away with her friend again making plans to sneak out to a forbidden frat party. She is so engrossed in her conversation that she doesn't hear Veronica approach and is caught shooting her mouth off. Veronica retrieves the heaviest strap in the discipline box to finally bring her niece Ten into line

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