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SS-20 Gilson Rotary Sifter

SS-21 Gilson Rotary Sifters

• Built by Gilson, backed by Gilson.

• Accurate results.

• Simple and efficient.

• Exclusive Silent Sifter model features quiet operation.

Gilson has revamped the classic rotary sifter design and added our own innovations to introduce two new models. This proven sieving method preferred by many DOT’s is now available with Gilson-guaranteed quality and reliability.

Gilson’s progressive designs carry forward the best features of traditional rotary sifters and add upgrades drawn from our expertise in particle separation technology. Faster conversion from 8—12in or 200—300mm diameter sieves, easier set up, and quieter operation all reflect the time devoted to improved design and materials. Sieve stack capacity ranges from six 12in diameter fullheight sieves with pan, or up to twenty 8in diameter half-height sieves with pan.

The totally enclosed cabinet allows safe, dust-free operation. Assembled sieve stacks are simply placed inside and the cabinet is rotated back against the stops, no clamping is required. An ergonomic knob allows easy rotation of the cabinet between the loading and testing positions. A drive roller system continuously rotates the sieve stack with particle separation assisted by tapping against the stack. The digital countdown timer with large LED display precisely times operation up to 99 minutes at ±1 second. A pause function and user-selectable modes offer greater versatility. Settings are saved between cycles for precise repeatability and easy, one-button operation.

Hammer assemblies are 6061 aluminum alloy with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene heads. Rugged painted case is dense, impact-resistant MDF board and is mounted on a sturdy, powder-coated ASTM A 513 heavy steel tubing stand. The system is driven by a dependable 1/3hp continuous-duty motor. Dimensions: 19x24x58in (483x610x1,473mm), WxDxH. Est. Ship Wt.: 215lb (98kg).

SS-20 Rotary Sifter offers classic design and efficient operation in an economical package. Design advances, upgraded materials and efficient operation put the SS-20 a step above other sifters, while maintaining compliance with specification requirements. For ease of mobility, SSA-77 Locking Swivel Casters may be purchased separately for installation on the SS-20 Floor Stand.

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  SS-20   SS-20 Gilson Rotary Sifter 
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