APC Metered PDU - 3p200v - 0U - 3p20A [AP7864]

APC Metered PDU - 3p200v - 0U - 3p20A [AP7864] APC Metered PDU - 3p200v - 0U - 3p20A [AP7864] AP7864

APC Metered PDU - 3phase 120v - 0U - 20A [AP7864] ----- dm364

Very popular 3phase PDU.. for 20amp 3phase 208v power. Outputs to highvoltage ports

3phase input... 208volt output

Monitored PDUs offer real time power management, configurable alarms, and logging features. Ideal for offsite monitoring by IT

  • Brand: APC
  • Model: AP7864
  • Condition: Refurbished… tested and cleaned.
  • MSRP: $509.00
  • Electric: 3phase 208 volts (208v out)
  • Length: 70 inches
  • Input Plug: L2120P - Can be changed
  • Parts Included: Main unit only (mounts to SX wO/ any other hardware (ask for mounting ears for other racks).
  • Need help? Call us for expert design and sizing questions...
  • Limited Warranty: 15 months on unit and batteries
  • All Metered and Switched PDUs are reset to a default public IP address.
  • Supplies of all refurbished parts is very limited. So availability and quantity is not guaranteed

  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Refurbished
  •   Part Number   Name
    List Price
      dm364   for 20amp 3phase 208v power 
      $ 529.00
      $ 249.00