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LTS Core Cut Off Saw Bundle

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LTS Core Cut Off Saw Bundle Includes a Core Cut CC525MXLII Saw, with a powerful 2.5 HP Baldor Motor that runs on either 115/230 Volts (you choose).

It Carries a 16-inch blade to allow cutting of 6-inch/150 mm asphalt core or concrete cylinder in one pass of the saw.

Included is a Core Cut HD Orange 16-inch diamond saw blade, coolant circulating pump, side handles for easier lifting , 4-legs and a face shield for operator safety.

Also included is the Core Clamp for safely trimming 6-inch/150mm cores and cylinders.

The clamp is bolted directly to the rolling cart, securely holding the core at the correct distance from the saw blade.

We have to different versions of this clamp to cover personal preference.

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  LTS525   LTS Core Cut Off Saw Bundle 
  $ 3929.80
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