APC 5Gen LCD SmartUPS : 3000va - 120v - 2U :: 302vnQ

APC 5Gen LCD SmartUPS : 3000va - 120v - 2U :: 302vnQ 3000va APC 5th Gen SmartUPS - 120v -2U - Blk - LCD SMT3000R2X180

NEWY ~ 3000va APC 5th Gen SmartUPS - 120v -2U - w/NetCard - LCD [302vnQ]

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Newest Generation with LCD screen, Smarter features

97% energy use efficiency- greenest UPS.

Includes AP9630 Network Card for integration into your network.

Want to save money?  Buy the older SUA version with same frame (302b)

NEWY is my term for a unused unit that had its batteries expire while sitting in a distributor's warehouse. We get them and replace the old batts with Fresh Genuine APC batteries. Newys include the original box and all accessories.



  • Condition:New Original box unused, with fresh genuine batteries added at time of sale.
  • Category:Rackmounts - 5thGeneration
  • Format:2U
  • Voltage:120v
  • Capacity - Power:3000va / 2700watts
  • Special Features:


Sales Information
  • Parts Included :Original box with rail kit, all accessories and fresh APC batteries added.  Plus boxed AP9630 card and software/cable
  • UPC: 00731304294108
  • Limited Warranty: 24 months on unit and batteries
  • Delivery: Truck freight / Free Pickup / BLIND ship


  • Model/Make: APC SMT3000R2X180
  • UPS Technology:Line Interactive
  • Input Voltage:120volt (see specs for ranges)
  • Output Voltage:120volt
  • Capacity - Battery:480vah
  • Runtime:12mins (@ half load)
  • Dimensions:3.4' x 19' x 27' (W x H x L)
  • Weight:97lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $1700


Connections: Input - Output

Input plugs changed at no charge

Above Pixs maybe of similar refurbished units, your product will be as described... Email us for a pix of the box


  • Color: black
  • Condition: newy
  •   Part Number   Name
    List Price
      $ 1700.00
      $ 1091.00