*Div. 1 VB Club - Speed & Agility Program*

Division I Volleyball Club
Speed & Agility Performance Training
(for "D1 VBC members ONLY)

TipTop's Division 1 Volleyball Speed & Agility Performance Training Program is a must for the aspiring athlete seeking to maximum their performance ability.

TipTop's techniques are based on over 25 years of experience in helping athletes to focus on the most critical areas necessary to compete to one's maximum ability.

Our program will focus on essential areas such as core strengthening, flexibility & recovery, explosiveness, weight training, nutrition and confidence building.   This includes:


Speed and Agility

Specialized techniques to enhance speed, agility, quickness, explosiveness, and recovery will be covered using a wide range of tools including speed ladders, medicine balls, parachutes, plyometric boxes and resistance bands.

Injury Prevention

Research has shown that preventing injury, not treating them, is the most effective method to prevent an athlete from ending up on the sidelines!  All GPT classes begin with self-myofascial release to prepare muscles for the workout and release trigger points that can hinder performance. Our athletes enjoy more effective workouts while reducing risk of injury.

Perform to Your Peak!



Fairview South, 7040 Laramie Ave, Skokie, IL


Intro Program:  October 26 through November 19, 2015.

See the Division 1 Volleyball Club website calendar at http://www.division1vbc.com/new-page.

Days & Times:

Sessions will be held from 6:00 - 6:50 pm. every Monday - Thursday.  

The program is intended for registered members to attend at least 2 times per week.


Intro Training Period:  $90.00

(pro-rated down as of 10/29/15)

Please note that this program is for D1 VBC members only.

* This amounts to 60% off TipTop's everyday rates for it's Speed & Agility Group Performance Training Program.  

Information and Release Form

All participants must complete and return the release form located HERE .  Please email to info@tiptoptraining.com or give to one of TipTop's trainers on or before your first session. Thank you.

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  2015-D1VBC   *Div. 1 VB Club - Speed & Agility Program* 
  $ 90.00
   Division 1.Volleyball -- Speed & Agility Program