Time and Contact Managment using Outlook Manual

Time and Contact Managment using Outlook Manual Time and Contact Management using Outlook manual teaches you how to use Outlook's contact and time management systems, including email, contacts, calendar, and tasks to keep you on track and  organized.  We'll look at productive tips to help minimize your time in accomplishing your tasks and developing a powerful contact system for your personal and/or business use.  Discover how Outlook's objects all work together and how you can quickly create tasks, appointments/meetings, and contact from an email message and vice versa.  Outlook is your one stop shopping for time, contact, and communications management.

Here's what you'll be able to accomplish after this class:
  • Color Code and Categorize your email, appointments/events, and contacts,
  • Create and edit Folders and Subfolders,
  • Sort and group your information,
  • Use different views to access your data in a variety of ways,
  • Maneuver quickly to other applications and web sites,
  • Customize Outlook for your needs,
  • Automate tasks and reminders,
  • Use Outlook to document your follow-up, conference calls, and meetings.

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