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Fatima Seminarian Scholarship

Fatima Seminarian Scholarship A very special pilgrimage goes to Fatima, Portugal, each year in order to bring seminarians to Our Lady. We rely on the generosity of others to supply the necessary monies to take these seminarians overseas.

A full scholarship is $3,100.00, but you may choose to donate any amount. You may also choose to enter the name of a particular seminarian to sponsor. If you leave the field below blank, the Foundation will use the money for the seminarian most in need.

NB: If monies are donated for a particular seminarian and that seminarian is precluded from traveling with the pilgrimage, the donated monies will be used for the seminarian most in need. It will not be possible to return these monies. Thank you.

If you would like, you may enter the name of seminarian you wish to sponsor.   
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