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Company Name: Thin and Slim @ Cimarron Products
Address: 190-A North Sappington Road
Saint Louis, Missouri 63122
Phone: 877 516-5433

Thin and Slim Naturally 90ct

Thin and Slim Naturally 90ct Thin & Slim Naturally is a natural dietary supplement that will suppress your appetite, spark your metabolism and give you a mild boost of energy. The unique combination of herbs in this product stimulates a completely natural process in the body called Thermogenesis. This process reactivates the Brown Adipose Tissue (brown fat -- "the good fat") in our body that tends to become less effective as we grow older. When activated, this Brown Adipose Tissue will burn off unnecessary calories and white fat cells to help you come closer to your natural body weight and to maintain that weight permanently. When used correctly, Thin & Slim Naturally is completely safe and has been scientifically proven to be a very effective weight loss product.
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