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Company Name: Julie Brown
Address: 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd., #1248
Studio City, California 91604

Strip Mall Season One DVD

Strip Mall Season One DVD Right now, Promo copy of “Strip Mall” Season One!  Starring Julie Brown as former child star Tammi Tyler who’s acting career was cut short unexpectedly when, after eating a cupcake laced with PCP, she killed her costar, Captain Billy.  Now desperate, Tammi tells fellow barmaid Patti (Victoria Jackson) she will marry the next man to walk in the door of the Funky Fox bar. It turns out to be Harve Krudup (Jim O’Heir) who owns the Starbrite Cleaners dry cleaners. Watch the intrigue as Tammi marries Harve hoping he’ll finance her comeback, all while having multiple boyfriends and competing with her archrival Cindy Williams!  Learn the secrets that go on behind closed store door as The Strip Mall!  Starring Julie Brown, Jim O’Heir, Tim Bagley, Allison Dunbar, Cindy Williams, Bob Koher and a host of brilliant comic actors! 
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  jsj2013   Strip Mall Season One DVD 
  $ 12.99