September 22, 2018
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Calibration Services

Calibration / Service

Nuclear Density Gauges:

Nuclear Density Gauge disposal or trade in: call for details

Laboratory Technical Services knows that your nuclear density gauges are a significant part of your business. When your nuclear density gauge breaks down, we will work to return it to you A.S.A.P. Let us know your requirements and we will do what it takes to meet them.

Nuclear Density Gauge 3 and 5 Block Calibration

Portable nuclear moisture/density gauges are calibrated on standard density blocks manufactured to the highest tolerances. The blocks are then Certified to their individual densities using 3 different NIST Traceable devices to ensure the highest accuracy. These standards are traceable to NIST. The calibration procedure is in compliance with and exceeds ASTM test method D2922 and D3017. Our calibration also meets TCFR50. These calibration are conducted following the very same procedures and standards that all the gauge manufacturers recommend. We also have over 20 years experience on Troxler nuclear density gauges, 13 of those as factory technicians.

It is recommended that nuclear density gauges are calibrated and serviced annually.

Laboratory Technical Services offers calibrations that are NIST traceable for nuclear density gauges including but not limited to:

  • InstroTek
  • Troxler 3401, 3411, 3430, 3440, 3450 and 4640B models
  • Humboldt EZ models
  • CPN MC-1, MC-1 DRP, MC-3 models

Laboratory Technical Services also offers other services that are vital to the safe operation of your nuclear density gauges such as:

  • Dosimetry Badge service by an NVLAP accredited processor
  • Leak Test Service
  • Survey Meter Calibration

A Troxler factory trained technician is available at Laboratory Technical Services for your Troxler nuclear density gauges, offering the best quality service without the inflated factory pricing. Laboratory Technical Services offers a complete routine maintenance and calibration package for your InstroTek, Troxler, Humboldt and CPN nuclear density gauge that includes:

  • Leak Test
  • Routine maintenance parts such as case labels, scraper ring, bumper, wiper, and plate screws, gaskets, batteries and non-standard parts
  • Electronic checkup and adjustment.
  • NIST traceable calibration.

This service includes normal cleaning to assure gauge is in proper working order. Replacement parts and repair service to non-standard maintenance items charged at an hourly rate and list price less any established discount for large volume customers.

Upgrade service for your Troxler 3411 is avaiable to make the 3411 similar to a Troxler 3430.

Gyratory Compactors:

Laboratory Technical Services offers traceable in-house and on-site internal and external angle calibration of:

  • Pine AFG1, AFGB1, and AFGC125X
  • Troxler 4140, 4141, and 5850 Laboratory Technical Services currently has Troxler factory trained technicians for your Troxler gyratory compactors. In fact L.T.S. employs the man that trained Troxler technicains on the Troxler gyratories.

Laboratory Technical Services is an authorized service provider for all Pine Instrument Co. gyratory compactors along with factory support on Interlaken and Rainhart units.

Laboratory Technical Services uses the Pine RAM and the Testquip DAV for internal angle measurements and NIST traceable manufacturers' equipment for external angle calibrations.

Before you sign a service contract with your manufacturer look closely at the fine print that may exclude emergency situations or impose additional charges for quick responce that could be three to five times higher. Laboratory Technical Services can offer quick responce at rates better than most service contacts, saving you money.

Laboratory Technical Services provides mold verification service for 4" and 6" superpave molds.


Laboratory Technical Services provides complete service and calibration of :

  • Troxler 4155 and NTO ovens
  • Thermolyne NCAT

We are factory trained and authorized by Barnstead /Thermolyne and have factory training from Troxler.


Laboratory Technical Services offers scale calibration with NIST certified weights and provides service to most major brands.