September 22, 2018
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NUX Installation Instr.

 Security Containment System Installation Instructions.

1. Before you do anything gather the tools you will need.

  • Electric or cordless drill
  • 5/16" drill bit.
  • Masking tape.
  • Black magic marker. An extra fine Sharpie works great.
  • The Allan wrench that was provided with your order.
  • A 5/8" wrench.

2. Put the truck bracket and the hinge pin together on the box.

3. Set the case in the truck oriented the way you want it to be mounted.

4. Lift the hinge and place masking tape under the hinge.

5. Lower the hinge and mark the hinge holes through the bracket with the Sharpie.

6. Remove the hinge from the case, and remove the case from the truck.

7. Drill the holes you just marked on the masking tape.

8. Remove the masking tape from the truck bed.

9. Using the two safety security bolts supplied bolt the hinge to the truck bed using the  holes you just drilled.

10. Now place the case in the truck align the hinge pin, slide it through, lock it and your done.



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